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XE is an iPhone 6(s) case that lets you wirelessly charge your phone over a distance of up to 17ft from the charge base powered by the electric wall socket.

The charge station automatically starts charging the phone as soon as it detects the case within its range. The charge base transmits the electromagnetic waves to the receiver in the case, which charges the phone battery.

The XE pack includes the iPhone 6(s) or iPhone 6(s) Plus case and a transmitting charge station.


XE system operates in the frequency range that is safe for people, animals, and the environment


XE wireless charging system is based on the latest researches and developments, also based on the main achievements of N.Tesla


XE evenly charges smartphones accumulator providing stability and durability


XE system works in autonomous mode, determines when it is necessary to charge a smartphone and its position in the area of access


Case has an internal accumulators that smoothes charge mode of the smartphone and increases the volume of charge.

Both transmitter and case have a modern and stylish design, they consist of high-quality materials



Be mobile

The volatility of portable devices (martphones, watches, etc.) does not allow you to feel free. As a rule devices became discharged at a most inappropriate time. Tehnovator Team developed an innovative system of wireless transmission of electric power at a distance – XE, that you would be free and you do not need to look for or carry constantly the battery charger with you.



How it works

The wireless electric power transmission on a distance is based on the transmission of electric power between the two power transmission coils which operate in a resonant mode. This system allows you to charge the devices at any time when you are chatting, playing games and reading books. The principle of operation of this system is identical with operation of radio receiver, mobile connection or Wi-Fi.




XE operate in a frequency range which is absolutely safe for humans and animals. The system works at frequencies that do not affect home appliances.





the XE application

and connect the iPhone

to the charge base

Our team has developed an application that allows you to manage and control the charger.This application allows you to access the complete statistics of charging, fine-tuning and system configuration, and also allows you to set priorities for the charging devices.Using the application you can configure the system by choosing the mode when your device should be charged.The locator for searching of available charge stations is provided in the application.




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